hero perfect

Established in 1982, Heropharm is one of the most reputable companies in manufacturing, processing and distributing Eastern Pharmaceutical in Vietnam. With nearly 40 years of dedication, Heropharm’s products are made from natural herbal medicines with nearly 100 trusted products available on the market.

hero perfect campaign

Strong point

The campaign to promote supplement food for HERO PERFECT has high commissions and easy to calculate. HERO PERFECT has only 1 main product and has been trusted for 40 years in Vietnam


10% for all the products Minimum commission is 98.000VND / product


To join our campaign, send email to asp@rentracks.com.vn with title [HERO PERFECT 2018] Full name


Do not use HERO PERFECT identity to promote. Please retrain from using any pictures or text that do not comply with Vietnamese Law

Commission Type

CPS (Comission per Sales)


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