FARM has variety of beauty products to serve the needs of beauty and health care such as high-grade makeup, functional foods, perfume … and especially Farm owned products (natural extracts) such as honey, essential oils, masks … have been very well-known on the market by the safety and effectiveness.
With the enthusiasm of youth and creativity at work, FARM wishes to further extend the mission of “Taking care of all beauty” for women – the beautiful flowers of life!

farm campaign

Strong point

The campaign to promote cosmetics products for FARM has high commissions and easy to calculate.


10% for all products


To join our campaign, send email to asp@rentracks.com.vn with title [NONG TRAI LAM DEP 2019] Full name


Do not use FARM identity to promote. Please retrain from using any pictures or text that do not comply with Vietnamese Law

Commission Type

CPS (Comission per Sales)


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