Currently board games are produced and circulated in many parts of the world, and it is really popular in Europe. Although Vietnam hasn’t been popular yet, it is also possible to list some games such as Chess, Go, Ludo, Billionaire, Dominoes, Animal Flags, etc. These games have become quite familiar, especially to Vietnamese people. If you can relate to these games, you can understand what boardgame is!

Boardgame.VN – Bring People Closer

BoardgameVN aims to be the No. 1 company in manufacturing, distributing and retailing boardgame, intellectual and educational toys (Uno, Ghost Wolf, Exploding Cat, Rubik, …) in Vietnam

BoardgameVN built Board Game Center system with the goal of bringing new, healthy, useful and intellectual entertainment for young people

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Strong point

The campaign to promote game products for BOARD GAME has high commissions and easy to calculate.


CPS: 10%


To join our campaign, send email to asp@rentracks.com.vn with title [BOARDGAME 2019] Full name


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