Affiliate marketing 

Rentracks Affiliate is one of the best solution digital marketing for all Merchant and Advertiser It brings in a larger volume of web traffic. Affiliate marketing helps your company reach new customer bases in different countries. It builds key relationships with high-volume affiliates.

affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

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affiliate marketing

Why we need affiliate marketing?

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affiliate marketing

How affiliate marketing work? 

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Rentracks affiliate marketing team alway improve our work to give our customer integrity service.

By making use of an in-house ASP (affiliate service provider) which is closed to the public, we promise high quality guidance for customers. We will allow registration as affiliaters after strict screening so that improper application or overlapping application, etc. will decrease. Moreover, most of our affiliaters have already performed SEO Measures, so we are highly motivated to guide customers, and thus the contract signing rate will increase dramatically. Although the network itself is on a small scale, it’s a network of people called “super-affiliaters,” so the effect is overwhelming.


Don’t conceal information. The more information, you give out, the more you will receive.

Who is Publisher

The publisher is a person or a company that’s in charge of connecting the advertiser’s product with the end user, as they are the traffic provider.

Who is Advertiser

The advertiser is a company that has a product (CPA subscription/sale offer or CPS Product/Service Sales) and relies on others to advertise it for them.

About Rentracks

We aim at maximum growth of sales of our clients by leveraging the Internet. In addition, we propose not only just to increase sales but to increase the ability to…