Adayroi is the e-commerce website of VinCommerce General Trading Services Joint Stock Company , a member of Vingroup.

Adayroi is an electronic hypermarket model – “all in one”. Adayroi offers a wide range of products, from high value goods such as real estate, to small services such as vouchers to meet the practical needs of everyday life such as food, necessities and fashion. , travel, electronics, home appliances, … 

Adayroi was born with the ambition to create a major breakthrough in the field of e-commerce in Vietnam, contributing to express the aspirations of Vingroup as a pioneer, leading in all areas of the economy of Vietnam

Adayroi aims to become the number one retail system in Vietnam, reaching out to regional and worldwide markets.

The mission of Adayroi is to bring e-commerce to all customers. Since then, Adayroi will gradually build a convenient and civilized consumer culture for Vietnamese people.

Adayroi also creates opportunities for retail businesses and Domestic Manufacturers to expand their markets, to have a healthy and efficient development environment. Also on this system, Adayroi brings consumers high quality products, services, promotion and development of e-commerce and retail industry in Vietnam. This is an important part of creating a strong motivation to develop the economy, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the country.

adayroi campaign

Strong point

The campaign to promote all products for Adayroi has high commissions and easy to calculate.


Depends on the products


To join our campaign, send email to asp@rentracks.com.vn with title [Adayroi 2019] Full name


Do not use Adayroi identity to promote. Please retrain from using any pictures or text that do not comply with Vietnamese Law

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CPS (Comission per Sales)


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